Thursday, August 13, 2009

Clean Tuna

The hardest meal of the day for me is lunch. I am always on the go with my little guy and fast food is extremely convenient yet toxic, to both myself and my child. A typical lunch looks something like this: Tuna on half a whole wheat pita. Canned tuna in water.
Trader Joe's Whole Wheat Pitas are amazing
Trader Joe's Organic Mayo (1tbsp per can of tuna)

One slice of Maui Onion from my local farmer's market

One slice of tomato from my local farmer's market

Fresh Leaf Spinach from my local farmer's market. (As much as you can jam in your pita)

WaLa! This will usually hold me over for 2.5 hrs then an afternoon snack of some fruit and nuts (Go Raw Trek Mix, Trader Joe's)

My son is not a fan of pita, so this is what is plate looks like. He loves frozen grapes & frozen blueberries! (I am blessed with a non fussy eater)

Trader Joe's version of oreo's. He gets two. No trans fat and no HFCS. ALL NATURAL

The big guy (also not a pita fan) typically gets a turkey,spinach, avocado(1/4 avo) & mustard sandwich on a french artisan baguette complements of Trader Joe's

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